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2008 Condar Tests

Test HK-J14
January 29/08

Large and medium maple, 16% moisture, 65 lbs
8 pieces, 5.5 lbs kindling
Warm heater, cold fuel, side kindling

Mis-start, extra newspaper added.
Also, fuel pile was slow to catch and required 1.5 lbs added kindling.

Animation HK-J
Animation, 2 minute intervals.

gas analysis
Flue gas

TESTO Excel data file


Condar Spreadsheet Results
Condar Spreadsheet Results

Condar Spreadsheet (includes detailed fueling data)

Fuel stack. Kindling is on the right side.

fuel pile
Fuel pieces, numbered 1 - 8 from left to right.

Graphical data comparison of Condar tests

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