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2007 Heater Testing at Shawville

Test HK-H20
March 11/07

Small to medium maple. Warm heater. 54.2 lbs
Previous fire: 24 hours.
Grate air open. Ashbox door open until stack temperature reached 400F (11 minutes) and then closed (air open)
Reference run.
This run was a best guess as to an optimum fuel loading and optimum air.
Very clean, low PM, low CO, very good efficiency.
The CO/CO2 ratio was the lowest recorded during the series, with a minimum of .0039 from minute 50 to minute 55
CO bottomed out at 226 ppm, or 0.023% (at 13.2% oxygen)
This run will serve as a benchmark for comparison for future tests.
This concludes the HK-H test series. Next testing will be at 2007 MHA Meeting,
April 13th - 19th.

Animation HK-H
Animation, 2 minute intervals. 60 frames.

gas analysis
Flue gas analysis


Condar summary
Condar Summary (added Jan 9/08)

Fuel Load

TESTO Excel data file

Fueling data

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