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Client feedback Client feedback
eyehouse progress photo, heater foundation 1, 2, house floorplan
eyeFinished house, Energy Star certificate
eyeSteve Bushway working on core, first course of facing
eyeFinished heater
Client feedbackClient feedback, feedback from 2010
  • C-GLAD: HK-22 core components with bakeoven, heated bench, Val-des-Monts, Quebec, Sept 10/98. For pickup, to be installed by mason Jim Mahon, Low, PQ.
    Client's sketch
    Elevation, plan, perspective
    Client feedbackClient feedback, photo of heater
  • C-FIND: 2 stacked HK-22 cores, one with oven, Ohio. Picked up on June 21/99
    Photo of fnished upper level heater
    Client feedbackclient feedback, client feedback 2
  • C-BROD: HK-18 heater core with rear bakeoven, Colorado (Four Corners area)
    Photo of finished heater and client feedbackClient feedback
  • C-GUNT: Heater with heated bench and cookstove. Client supplied CAD floorplan. Ship to Saint John, New Brunswick, September 21/98.
    Isometric model
    Client feedbackClient feedback
  • C-MUZY: HK-22 core with heated bench, oven, domestic hot water, extra water coil in upper chamber. Allegheny mountains, PA - Picked up June 28/99
    Client feedbackclient feedback
  • C-SIRO: Custom system, complete, retrofit, Aylmer, Quebec.
    Preliminary rendering
    Preliminary drawings
    New footprint
    Framing dimensions
    Finished heater
    Client feedbackClient feedback
  • C-DERR: Custom system with Kachelofen, Rosin fireplace, cookstove. For MHA member Bill Derrick, Alternate Energy Systems, Peru, NY.
    Drawings, client feedback about bakeovenClient feedback
    Completed system
  • C-MCNE: HK-22 with bake oven, heated bench and domestic hot water. Heater has extra height to raise oven on kitchen side (sunken floor on loading door side)
    Preliminary footprint
    Client feedbackClient feedback
  • C-WORR: HK-22 w. bakeoven, Middlebury, VT. Sold, installed and serviced by Bill Derrick, see MHA membership list)
    Client feedbackClient feedback
  • C-MINK: HK-22, installed core, domestic bake oven, hydronic coil integrated into hydronic heating system in a low energy off-grid house.
    Client feedbackClient feedback.
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